A Little Interest is Not Enough

A Little Interest is Not Enough

I see that my kids are a bit interested to learn the piano. As we are currently staying here in our friends’ house with a piano, they like to play the piano and seem interested with it. But I should not make this ‘little’ interest make me desire to have a piano and buy piano bench because learning the piano or other instruments for that matter require more than a ‘little interest’.

I could remember my younger days when I was ‘forced’ to learn the piano. Of course, I’ve learned to play but I really didn’t even pass through Grade 2 since every Saturday has become more of a torture for me. But still, I thank God for those lessons because at least I was able to use it for the music ministry in the church during my high school years.

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  1. oh! I just remembered our piano that was turned into pieces during “Sendong” last year…. At times it feels pain cuz’ you lost a memorable and valuable thing BUT – – God is everything…

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