Nature’s Fashion Slimming Coffee

Nature’s Fashion Slimming Coffee

This Saturday will be my 2nd week of drinking the Nature’s Fashion Slimming Coffee. Results? I already lost 3 point something kilos. This is the weight I’ve gained over the last few months since I stopped exercising and ate started to eat a lot.

Now, I’m glad that I will have a chance to lose more weight and maybe attain my goal weight too.

What were the effects of this coffee for me?

For one thing, it’s a very effective appetite suppressant for me. I do feel hungry but then when I eat, I easily get full. Suddenly, a slice of bread suddenly becomes too much. Just a few weeks before, I was eating like 4 slices of bread for breakfast with Nutella inside and I still get hungry during lunch time. But just the thought of eating 4 slices of bread seems impossible for me. So, for lunch and dinner I still eat rice but then, I can’t consume a serving of rice anymore. But since I want to be more healthy, I’m trying to supplement my daily diet with 100% vegetable juice. I’ll also try to choose healthier food and hopefully start back my exercise.

I’ve read from other people’s review of the product that they sweat a lot. I’ve never experienced this and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. But I did experienced dryness of the throat for a few days. And now, I still experienced it but not as bad as the first 2 days. But I do feel like I want to drink more water.

So far, these are all the things that I experienced. I will still continue to drink this coffee, until I reach my goal weight and then maybe lessen my intake for maintenance before I completely stop.

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  1. i started using this coffee last 2nd week of february 2011, and as of now my weight has gone down from 74k to 55k..i didn’t have the time to take exercise but still i manage to lose so much weight..that’s why inspite of all those slimming ads that i see, i just ignored it coz i already found the one that fits me so much..i so love this coffee..i recommend it 100 percent!!!

  2. I started drinking this coffee on March 21, 2011. At that time I was 156 pounds. To make a long story short, I’m now 123 lbs….

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